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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2017 12:00am-1:01am AST

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twenty in pyongyang but sunny and seoul the high of twenty four. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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everyone i've listed bar on the wall welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes to the top suspensions a visa services as diplomatic tensions escalate between the u.s. and turkey. cries for unity from the so-called silent majority hundreds of thousands of demonstrators caseloads here to stay part of space. a campaign to drive al qaeda linked fighters from in syria they promise to fight to the death. and a revolutionary remembered commemorations marking fifty years since the death of che guevara. and in sports after a twenty seven year wait egypt qualify for next year's world cup. poland and denmark also sealed spots at the twenty eight hundred finals in russia.
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although the diplomatic dispute between turkey and the united states has escalated in the last half hour ankara has suspended visas for u.s. citizens this comes after the u.s. suspended all nonimmigrant visa services at its diplomatic facilities in turkey let's take you straight away to washington d.c. and speak to al-jazeera as dion estabrook this diplomatic dispute developing all the time diane what's behind these decisions. what is behind this is late last week there was a u.s. consulate employees by the name of topo who's who was arrested by the turks by turkish authorities and they claim that he had ties to a turkish cleric who's been living in exile in the u.s. for several several years and that is federal and google and google and according
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to turkey was behind that attempted coup last summer the turkish government president has been trying to get the u.s. to extradite google and for several months for of the turkey has been trying to get him back in the country for several years without success so this seems to this this arrest of this consulate employee could be sort of a tit for tat or a way to put pressure on the u.s. to get extradited i should also say there are about a dozen other americans who have been arrested and being detained over in turkey among them is a nasa scientist a christian christian missionary who vice president parents and secretary secretary of state rex tillerson have been trying to get back to the u.s. without success and incidentally just a month ago when president was visiting the u.n. and visiting the white house president trump made a point of saying that the relationship between turkey and the u.s.
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has been better than ever now you see this chain of events happening so obviously tensions are mounting and the relationship is on rather tenuous grounds at this point it certainly is the mean how does this play into sort of the wiser region because we've seen of course turkey has been cooperating with both russia. over the war in syria it does appear at the moment the turkey is moving that way and moving away from the united states is influence. yeah and that's so and that's a real concern obviously for the u.s. because turkey is a strategic ally it's a it's an ally for us in europe and in the middle east and it's a nato ally so that is why that is you know secretary of state has been getting involved in this. this obviously has a repercussions beyond just these these arrests this that there's a obviously the state department is getting involved in this this has repercussions
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throughout europe and the middle east so it will be interesting to see what plays out how this plays out over the next few days absolutely time estabrook appreciate it thank you well for more on this i've been speaking to a local he's a retired technician bossa and form a pub and representative to the european union. or in the. you know in the american consulate in istanbul was a knesset he was accused of being a slimy points clearly an economy could live game start. and the it was also if you look. closely the constitution a lot of the dirt i don't know what we are more but it's from the in the decision tribunals which of course it's quite a little distance you have to try to be to truth the turkish government to walking in that respect so he was arrested before. the try google and.
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being jailed and the other concise is the sona protested this being the. this means our research in causes shortly after what happened in the cos with an example and in the declaration the paper of the drinking paper of the consulate this event is openly. stated and the cost that says that this is not permissible this is not understandable in any case the turkish is site is not giving you no important say in the sense of carving the rights and also the security of the cost
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of it and the american premises in turkey so when you live in the all these problems in the access or whatever to be there but i think since one year i think that this is a reprise little from the american side. or already at least it warning to truckee that the american side is not happy at all with what's going on actually in charge the with regard to the truck you showed to the american interests. now the self-styled silent majority found their voice in barcelona calling all catalonia to stay pos of spain hundreds of thousands of people travel from across the country to make their call for unity exactly one week off the catalonia voted to break away that decision has plunged spain into a political crisis and as jonah hill reports both sides are hardening their positions. barcelona has seen plenty of huge demonstrations
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but not like this one see red and yellow the cleveland city flying alongside the spanish national flag. ripped out calls for a dependence this is a highly unusual show of national unity. some have come from other parts of spain but most are from catalonia itself tony roll down is a compliment politician opposed to independence we have lived throughout the best video of the first very young these. are the last forty years who said they did or she was finished was over and we have managed to build the framework that works for everyone i think that the future belongs to you know i just think that we need to know this better from national language to govern ourselves in the world the politician doesn't make sense today but they call themselves the silent majority was their son or representatives just the right choices not the right silent
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no one story if i was. there. one moment described an atmosphere of hostility towards those who disagree with the push for independence days ago i was in my spanish and that is what i. know that there was i think. it's right by them that had that my. own facts. and given the opportunity to speak out many embraced it eagerly tired of being in my diary and the people to say that we are now we are the majority because the union has a force and command its common sense independent schools in this region with it's destructive culture and language a centuries old but the stakes have never been higher in madrid prime minister mariano rajoy warns he may use special powers to revoke catalonians autonomy the
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regional government meanwhile is considering a unilateral declaration of independence in the weeks to come but who will follow them not these people who seem to have found their voices jonah hold al-jazeera barcelona. dolling is a senior lecturer in hispanic studies that carter university and he joins me live now via skype thanks for being with us on the program so we are due to get that announcement this week from the land president do you think it's likely he will actually declare independence from spain. i think if they don't declare independence i think the government because government will fall because one of the parties that's currently supporting the catalan government simply said there withdraw support if there is no decoration and i think you know the other element that means that they almost certainly will go for you know natural decoration and is that their supporters are expecting this declaration of independence their
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supporters you know many of them who had you know kind of traumatic experiences or or saw the trauma of last sunday's events in many areas of catalonia and of the spanish police action so this is the supporters of independence won't forgive the catalan political class if they don't like that you know lateral declaration how easy would it then be for prime minister rudd to carry out his threats and take control of catholic. well yeah i mean i think we're in a phase now or escalation and can't respiration we're in a phase of demonstration and today marks a new phase in in the political conflict over an enormous counter-demonstration i think certainly given the position of the major countries in europe you know i think roy will feel that it's very much in his power to go ahead and suspend kaplan autonomy if they go ahead and make what is a clear you know lateral decoration of independence we've seen of course some
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business already saying they intend to meet their bases from catalonia to what extent do you think that the catalan government has miscalculated what it called this referendum i mean did they see events playing out as they are now. no but i think if you want from the point of view of the current government the real purpose of the referendum is to try to find out what the catalan people really wanted to achieve that's from their point of view but i think certainly this there's certainly been a degree of naivety kind of imbedded in within the catalan independence movement if you want an almost seamless transition and in a.z. departure from spain has always been possible and personally i've always thought that that's been a very naive position leaving a spine that refuses to allow you to park at the park never be a smooth process we've seen those huge anti independence demonstrations in both lane i mean something or asking why hasn't they sign a majority made its voice heard before me the turnout in the referendum itself was
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very low we know that and it does appear it was the anti independence supporters who didn't vote why didn't they make their voices heard. well like many people in spain i think those people who are opposed and it's refused simply to recognize the referendum as a valid mechanism for deciding the future but they just don't want to participate in a referendum on the separation of catalonia so essential a most people who are opposed to an independence boycotted the referendum on sunday hence you got a figure of over ninety percent in favor of yes whereas it's much more evenly spread and i think we have to be a little bit catalogs about using its light side of a majority we don't really know what is the actual really authentic figure of how many catalans really want independence and how many cattle and radios and i think what we also need to bear in mind as well actually only a small minority of copland's want the situation to continue unchanged even though
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see they may not want independence won't see a big change in the relationship between the capital and governments and the madrid government essentially they want to receive more power this great to talk down and joining us there via skype thanks so much what. i still has all this al-jazeera news hour we made. who escaped mass killings in may and. safety standards under the spotlight after a massive gas explosion kill seven people and then just dozens of others. there's another career milestone for rihanna down the china. first an alliance led by former al qaeda linked fighters is promising a fierce battle against those who enter its territory in syria. released
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a statement after the free syrian army or say crossed into the area from turkey on saturday they're being backed by turkish soldiers. reports from near the turkish syrian border. turkish artillery shelling. positions inside syria the former al-qaeda affiliated group controlled most of province and this border area is the focal point of what turkish authorities refer to as a serious campaign. and the free syrian army is sending reinforcements to that i had. the starting point for the new cross border campaign. but which has thousands of fighters is vowing to fight to the death news of the new campaign is raising concerns for civilians in there if the turkish army enters
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back by russian planes that have committed a massacre a few days ago an army that is for sure and acceptable to me and to any muslim who rejects the presence of those in our country. the russians are the first and last enemy of the syrian people are backing bashar al assad how can they be supporting the syrian people. the new push by turkey comes after an agreement with russia and iran last month to set up a deescalation zone in. the turkish army will be operating in the city while the russians will be deployed outside of the province it is one of four deescalation zones the others are the asker's of the capital damascus or the border with jordan and northern parts of holmes. zones what established after iran russia and turkey decided to set aside their differences and find a permanent solution to the syrian conflict. the new operation could be part of
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a broader deal between russia turkey and iran but we don't know who would run one say a. victor from the problems and what will become of moderate opposition factions and the thousands of civilians living in the area. at least two people are dead and scores are missing after a boat carrying refugees from miramar. off the southern tip of bangladesh eleven refugees have been rescued so far. well hundreds of thousands of rangers are fleeing violence in their. states they're taking shelter in cox's bazaar close to bangladesh's border with mayor maher un has brought in huge doses of a cholera vaccine to prevent a looming crisis aid officials say camps are getting too crowded putting files is at risk from disease in the. nine point six million square meters of
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space which is equivalent to eight hundred eighty nine football stadiums if we can put it in that way so this is huge and all these people are crowded down there they lack facilities there is dire situation there is shortage of water these charges of like toilet facilities and everything so based on our experiences that we have seen in the past when other such crisis moment is that when people are conscious to be in a such a place there is always this fiske of having cholera outbreak all mammals military forces have been accused of carrying out atrocities against the hinge of muslims un as war its actions amount to ethnic cleansing but the government denies the accusation is there is mohammed jan jan reports from a makeshift refugee camp in bangladesh where he's met one young man who survived an attack by the army. despite the relief his family tries to
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provide eighteen year old or hindu refugee mohammed or hasan is still haunted for a while his mother and siblings try to give him a brief respite from the extreme heat and humidity but no matter how much medicine is given or the number of bandages applied his scars both physical and psychological will remain. they took us out from our home and tied our hands behind our backs they pulled us along the roads and kicked as they pulled us through the village through the jungle and took us to join another group of people they made as a lie down on top of one another mohammad all says when soldiers from me and mars army began shooting at them he was hit twice in the back. at first he pretended to be dead but then again when i opened my eyes to see if they'd left a note when i opened my eyes they saw me and shot me here two of his brothers were killed in the army's attack on mano a village in iraq and stayed on august twenty seventh mohammed al was convinced he
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also would not survive a mood in the clinton who i thought i would die so i prayed i thought to myself i'm not going to see my relatives anymore mohamed tools brother sure if i was desperate to get him some help they're going to doctors but they're not doctors we couldn't find any doctor there was military everywhere so i couldn't go to the pharmacy and get him any medicine people were telling me i should go break down the door of the pharmacy and bring him medicine but i couldn't go there because of the military no choice tells us that in addition to his two brothers who were killed dozens more of his relatives were also executed during the attack a recent report by human rights watch included interviews with witnesses and survivors who told the organization that me and morris military didn't just carry out mass killings that day but that they also sexually assaulted stabbed and beat villagers who were gathering for safety in a residential compound and while the un has called the actions of man mars military a textbook example of ethnic cleansing mean wars government has categorically
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denied carrying out any atrocities against the rangers. or muhammad tools heartbroken mother there is no time to dwell on the past taking care of her family even in conditions as miserable as these is her priority as a latina i didn't take in that when i see my son's wings i don't feel like going back to my village and also i set fire to a high and they said if i ever where we saw that and we had no choice but to leave they may have been able to leave the violence behind but for mohammed will it's clear the horror of what he lived through will never really go away. mohammed. at the tank ali refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh. cuban's of me marking the anniversary of the death of the revolutionary icon shaikh of our several thousand people attended a ceremony in the cuban city of santa clara to mark the fifty years since and as far as death his name has of course become synonymous with revolution and communism
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is most well known for his role in the cuban revolution of one thousand nine hundred fifty nine fighting alongside fidel and raul castro you see in human reports from havana on his legacy as a revolutionary hero but. perhaps no revolutionary has been as romanticized as a new still give or cheer as he was known. the arjen time born doctor who fought by the del castro side played a key role in the cuban revolution he then tried to launch marxist uprisings in the congo and then bolivia where he was captured and executed the images taken after his death in which many say he looked like christ only added to his legend as a left wing martyr. the oscar winning film motorcycle diaries was based on his early years. when he was fourteen harry yes joined chair in the fight for revolution in the cuban mountains for the next twelve years he never left his side
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until he miraculously managed to escape capture doing chains final battle against the bolivian army. we had behind bushes and on a small radio we heard the news the cherry had been captured and killed the wings of our hearts file the years says the cheers reputation as a tough but just revolutionary who practiced what he preached was well earned. he felt because he had more education and us he had a great obligations to set the example to always lead by example you never cut himself a break so that he could demand the best from us. today to give out his image has become immortalized especially in cuba some would probably say too much to give out or has become the ultimate revolutionary. i call and i must have for all the tourists that come to this island his face is absolutely everywhere from these bags to t. shirts as you can see to knapsacks everything you can possibly imagine the kind of image that you give out to himself would probably not have approved of. what he
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would surely have been proud to know that for the last fifty years cuban schoolchildren have been taught to follow his example every morning and every day they recite this chant. it means pioneers for communism we shall be like chair but do the new generations of cubans really believe that we consulted a group we found trying to access a wife i signal next to an internet cafe for me it's like a poem that you memorize but you don't act on it very few people actually follow in chase footsteps we all think differently today che's marxist version of revolution is considered by most as an anachronism yet the consensus here seems to be the chair represents an ideal a selfless rebel unlike so many others did not live to betray his principles and it's that image of che that has never aged you see in human how than or
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more than life and legacy of che guevara we can speak to john lee anderson a staff writer at the new yorker magazine and also author of che guevara a revolutionary life he joins me now live via skype from puerto rico thanks so much for being with us on the program how do you think che guevara would feel about the way he is still revered to this day. look i agree with lucy as a report in the sense that he would probably roll over it is a grave at some of the more consumer fetishism associated with him but on the other hand. the interest in him as an emblem of defiance against the status quo as an opportunity to reinstill new generations with the ideal of revolution i think. you know it's still an unequal world it has remains an icon to to to in conformity and as i said useful idealism against the status quo around the
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world to this day is the ultimate of rebellion and i think in that sense it would give him heart it was interesting wasn't it when alysia talked to some young people in havana about how they felt about che guevara how do you think most young people feel about his legacy but also trying to. equalize that with what they want from the modern world. sure i think you know in a sense when i was listening to that and i'm familiar with that it's a bit like the jesus christ allegory somehow or analogy you know. children are of are you know and americans once upon a time were brought up to revere george washington as this kind of the founding father of americans as soon as that that the boy who would tell no lies and was somehow exemplified the purity of the american nation which you know you learn and you put to one side but you retain this kind of mythological attachment to to this
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figure i think these are these are figures who provide a kind of. you know horizon line to societies that need them the idea of purity of purpose and that exemplifies moral values the idea the nobility of sacrifice and and to working on fighting on behalf of the common good for others these are these are you know huge and impossible to achieve for and for most people but it was was seen as a kind of a very useful instrument for them through cuba's revolution for many years their twenty through so many difficult times one of the reasons i can was he's sorry to interrupt us as one of the reasons of course he's the god as an icon is because he died so young he was not thirty nine wasn't when he was executed if he hadn't have died at such a young age i'm interested to know what you think he might have gone on to do. well i was going to say that i think in his very death which was some would regard as it
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fell you the failure of his ability to to you know to achieve revolution elsewhere was in fact his great achievement and his great legacy then the nature of his death the way he confronted it is in turn his greatest legacy but i think you know if he hadn't died then he would have remained a kind of probably curmudgeonly marxist critics you know. he might be a kind of demo he kept figure you know the former president of wise this kind of very honest straight talking man of the left who had seen and done everything but remained a kind of moral compass for people who with revolutionary aspirations but i think also in a place like cuba today you asked me before about the youth of today who are living through a kind of economic opening which still a bit attenuated still a bit in limbo i think there's mixed feelings about someone like che on the one hand among some there's a resentment of having to appear too or you know being urged to be like this man
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who lived and died to two years ago on the other hand he's still seen as the kind of unassailable figure of the revolution someone whom they respect even if they don't respect their own leaders someone who might be critical of them today so it's an i'm reconciled legacy but nonetheless to look at one i think really fascinating to talk to you john lee anderson joining us from puerto rico appreciate it welcome back. making landfall twice. more than a hundred thousand americans without power. campaigning over it's time for liberian voters to decide who will be the leader of africa's oldest republic. we'll tell you what's got lewis hamilton during the motorboats action from the japanese girl prix in stores.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast while the northern two thirds of europe looks to be pretty unsettled most series of weather fronts moving in from the west to bring in some very cool conditions with them so as we look at the forecast you can see we got that center of low pressure up over the baltic states there cold weather first stockholm there just ten degrees is a mix from moscow not too bad with a bit of a southerly still at thirteen degrees we got some rain across this region quite to conditions across central parts of europe are not particularly warm the mediterranean jeremy looks fine and now here in picher weather conditions are not too bad at across the u.k. and france i was looking at temperatures not too bad for this time of the year seventy nine hundred degrees or so but clouding up with some rain developing later on down into north africa where weather conditions here are looking largely fine there one of two showers through the eastern part of the mediterranean in particular cyprus for instance they will see some showers but otherwise fine
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conditions expected for car there with temperatures of twenty nine degrees heading into central parts of africa we've got some heavy rain across parts of the d.r. congo and towards the barn we rolled out twenty eight degrees some showers from lagos in nigeria heading on through into tuesday we've got some showers across west africa are crying out of their highs of thirty. a rite of passage through the generations because it was laying down their creamy she was the woman who have to endure this cycle of pain for what. the women affected. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this. correspond.
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in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have fortunate to be able to continue to expand. that passion and drive and present the story in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . welcome back to the top stories here on the al-jazeera news out of turkey has the spend. the us citizens the move was made in retaliation to the us spending or
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immigrant visas the tax. hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in a rally in barcelona against independence from spain. and an alliance led by. promising a fierce battle against those who enter its territory in serious it proppants the free syrian army crossed into the area from turkey on saturday. but gone as government pledged to improve safety standards in the country's energy sector also an explosion killed seven people in the capital it happened when a gas tank a caught fire in accra reports. the fire burned for nearly twelve hours and donna's capital accra workers were offloading that's of liquefied petroleum gas when there was an explosion the gas storage depos just meters from the fuel station which also caught fire. to. blast was felt kilometers away
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causing panic and confusion students in a nearby school and university hospitals were all evacuated people in the immediate area just. everybody. we had. i couldn't see anything what i saw was huge fire everything was yellow writes me it was very humid so i ran back to the emergency services were quick to cordon off the area controlling the crowds of onlookers many of whom have been there for hours. in this time so the fire service is slowly releasing just to avoid any possible further explosions now this latest incident has once again raised questions about the nature of gas and fuel distribution in this country according to his energy minister such incidents in the past three
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years including one in twenty fifteen which killed more than one thousand people when a fuel station court. proposed table. make sure the stations maintained the. proposal. is a gas cylinder. rather than tankers coming in. people say they're tired of all the talk and want action not just from the political leaders but also from those involved in the industry some of watching al-jazeera across. the army and democratic republic of congo says rebel fighters have ambushed a bush. and attacked villages in the country. how many have been killed in the fighting which happened in the beni territory in north kivu province security
12:36 am
forces a plane in ghana rebels allied democratic forces. reports from there in the east of the country. the fighting began saturday afternoon the army says attackers ambushed road users killing civilians and then attacked four army posts and in the fighting with the army many hours after that a local m.p. said at least thirty people have been killed the mayor benny said that people who discovered the violence saw the attackers killing people with machetes with the strength of massacres around the town of any since twenty fourteen the army blames the a.d.f. or ugandan rebel group for their to those rights groups or researches to this it's not the i.d.f. various different players involved including some factions of the army itself but that's something that the army denies this is one of several conflicts in congo
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that at the moment is seemingly getting worse conflicts are escalating in several parts of the country and that follows presidential elections that were meant to happen in december last year not happening the electoral commission says that because it couldn't afford them it didn't have the resources oppositions say it's because president joseph kabila is trying to stay on in power in the international community have expressed concern that the lack of a democratic process could lead to a worse and state of conflict across the country possibly bring it back to the kind of level of conflict that was seen here in the late ninety's and early two thousand . or fighting in the d.r. c. has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee more than four hundred ninety thousand of escapes to neighboring countries most are in uganda which also houses the world's largest refugee camp but the un is getting increasingly worried about zambia or than three thousand refugees have crossed that border in just the last month the new arrivals are from the border provinces of hope tangere and tanganyika
12:38 am
two thirds of them are children and they're coming with stories of extreme brutality r m a tartar reports from come on zambia's border with the d r c one hundred. and his brother are making a door for their new home it's a temporary structure at a refugee transit center in zambia the teenagers walk for weeks from democratic republic of congo where security forces are fighting different militia groups they say some adults try to discourage them from making a dangerous journey but they kept on moving or going through and through him. my parents were both killed when the village was the only thing i could do was run and leave the country i was told. people won't follow. i walked for a long time i missed my parents but at least i'm alive and safe. the united nations refugee agency says sixty percent of refugees crossing into zambia are children dozens making the journey alone others come with relatives because they got
12:39 am
separated from their parents during the conflict so you have children who have fled because they have lost their parents and they have experienced the killing of their parents and you have children who come here because they came home to empty homes and then you have children who came here and telling us the story for street treatments for adoption u.n. officials say on average between sixty and one hundred people are coming to get every day this group has just arrived the women say they couldn't leave the unaccompanied children behind to die or get up ducted by the militia the d.l.c. border is only a few meters away children who come alone sometimes waits in neighboring villages hoping their parents they can wait for days they can wait for weeks sometimes they never hear from their families again the refugees transit center in chile is filling up fast there are nearly four thousand registered refugees the humanitarian needs are huge aid workers say unaccompanied or separated children need to be
12:40 am
placed in foster homes many are traumatized others show signs of my nutrition these kids are waiting for their mother to join them they crossed the border together but their mother was rushed to hospital because she's about to give birth she told them she will come and find them but they don't know how long that could take but now they are alone in a new country. al-jazeera compound zambia. u.s. president donald trump accused iran of funding north korea's regime and described the country as a bad player in the twenty fifty nuclear deal and about a quarter on agreed to limit its disputed nuclear program in return for the easing of economic sanctions there are reports of course that trump may decertify that tail a move that could see it on arrival i believe they're funding north korea i believe they're trading with north korea i believe they're doing things with north korea that is totally inappropriate that doesn't pertain to the deal but in my opinion it
12:41 am
does because it's called the spirit of a deal and you will see what i will be doing in the not too distant future but iran is a bad player. and they will be taken care of as a bad player all the one hundred thousand residents of mississippi and alabama are without power as tropical storm nate moves inland from the u.s. gulf coast mates was a hurricane when it made its second u.s. landfall but has now been downgraded to a tropical storm that is final has more from new orleans. so a huge sigh of relief certainly here in new orleans where it seems as though the flood defenses built in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane katrina of two thousand and five have held out the mississippi river here behind me behaving itself. made became a category one hurricane and reduced to a tropical storm shortly after making landfall there has been substantial damage in some parts of the region severe flooding certainly in the city of biloxi
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mississippi and other places people have been out early this morning sunday morning here assessing the damage to property several tens of thousands of houses with the power out your storage is out trying to restore that as soon as they possibly can so very different story in central america where the tropical storm as it then was hit several countries in the region killing at least twenty five people causing substantial damage the flooding still a parent there as a people working to assess what damage was done in that region very different story here there has still been damage but very peaceful morning here here in new orleans people coming out assessing what damage might have been done to their properties and dealing with the little flooding that there has been hundreds of people have protested in morocco's economic capital casablanca calling for the release of jailed activists it is the latest in
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a string of demonstrations over the imprisonment of activists involved in a protest movement the rallies began in the impoverished refried fishmonger was crushed to death by garrels compactor or trying to say fish that officials had confiscated. campaigning has officially ended in liberia where voters will soon choose a replacement for president ellen johnson sirleaf the vice president joseph walker is leading the race but he's got some colorful and controversial company there's the legendary footballer george ware who is running mate. the ex-wife of liberia's former dictator charles taylor the former warlord prince johnson is running for the second time he is accused of ordering the torture and murder of the liberian president samuel doe back in one nine hundred ninety and for the country that had africa's first female head of state only one woman is aiming for the top job that is the model turned humanitarian dela keeper twenty contenders are starting you know archimedes' rice has more now from the capital monrovia. candidates for
12:44 am
liberia's presidential and parliamentary elections zine a last minute effort to win over voters their interim the flamboyant to the everyday person one thing they have in common though is that their stand on issues look and sound the same. and this is forcing many voters to narrow their choices down to all the allegiances of tribal region and personality. large tracts of the population not. candidates with developmental programs or worthwhile platforms many political observers believe that voters are not asking the right questions. democracy. is
12:45 am
a product of the country's broken education system. she and her neighbor take turns teaching their children the little the know. the literacy rate is about thirty percent. some kind it is a better life for liberians from poverty reduction to education and providing infrastructure one thing what the one so far is a campaigning. only to record itself remarkable development for a country that emerged from. the election commission is confident of successful elections that could lead to a transition from one democratic government to another for the first time in more
12:46 am
than forty as one of the challenges we had of course were. part of our country difficult to reach because. we were blessed to have the graciously agreed to provide air support transport. a presidential aspirant needs to win more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff for legislators though a simple majority will do. what drove you. still ahead all of the program but clothing saves the coliseum italy's fashion industry becomes a benefactor to rights icon buildings. the u.s. vice president works out of an n.f.l. game in his home state of indiana.
12:47 am
and age old part of spanish culture the one i can't stop thinking about the bullies in my life others are explored and a symbol of central government by when we shouldn't carry on something that goes against the morals of got along beside you is a from the capital a nationalist perspective the believe the present banished culture. catalonia last fight at this time on al-jazeera wild. discover the wealth of the world winning programming from around the globe. powerful documentaries if they tell you this is hurting us this is literally killing off and we need to stop we do then this debate and discussions you tell me the ones that you'd like us to do and gauge . game and not for more on the fire challenge your perceptions.
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welcome back time to catch up with sport historic. felicity thank you so much poland are the latest european team to a qualified for the twenty eighteen world cup in russia they beat montenegro four two on sunday in european qualifying poland finish top of group a with twenty five points denmark also made the playoffs after drawing one one with romania a late goal costs scotland a place in the playoffs they were held by slovakia and despite losing one nil to norway northern ireland still go through from group c. germany of course already one of the group egypt qualified for the world cup for
12:49 am
the first time since one nine hundred ninety they beat republic of congo two one at home egypt finish top of group and africa african qualifying with a game to spare. well as how often has taken a giant step towards his fourth formula one world crown by winning the japanese grand prix it was a race that saw this his main rival sebastian vettel title hopes in tatters so how malik reports. lewis hamilton is closing in on the formula one world title after starting in pole at the japanese grand prix he got off to a smooth start. the same couldn't be said for his main title rival sebastian vettel he lost places quickly reporting an engine failure. before the german had to retire last five leaving his once promising title challenge in tatters. with vettel out of the picture the red bull driver is down your cardio and next step and became hamilton's main threat the four time world champion vettel who is leading the
12:50 am
championship as recently as august left to wonder what could have been. worn in the end hamilton held of the competition beating for stepping into second and ricardo into third it's the fourth win in japan for the briton to behind michael schumacher who has six the mistake his driver now has a fifty nine point lead over vettel with only four races left and he can secure the title by winning the next race the us complete vettel finishes lower than fourth today the rebels just seem to be rapid in the race. quick in the qualifying trim but still i was able to just hold him behind but it didn't go very close a couple times but i think the pace it was really promising the first stint on the super soft i was struggling a bit with the left front but soon as we switched it a soft i was actually very competitive and i was always with lewis and especially the last year laps i think we had great pace just really hard to pass. the last two
12:51 am
or three laps i gave it all you know to try and close a gap. britain's most successful olympic track and field athlete far it was fittingly on hand to support his countryman. as for full title in super how much and in the history books this country's most successful f one driver of all time so have. found us now in reference al has won the china open for a second time twelve years after his first picture in beijing he beat australia snake curial six two six one in the final it's indel six title in two thousand and seventeen and the seventy fifth of his career on this matter now looks all but set to end the year on top of the men's rankings based chance very quickly in a sport that i specially when you are in a good dynamic like i am doing this year so after serving god too much going on the far as much as i play the great liberal that we got done is they have a flow for this title takes a long time do we need the gain of the thousand five years but that you have
12:52 am
a good so just they have it but i would think that this one of the late that they got a great week let's see what's going on now. just a day after securing the women's number one ranking small to how it lost to caroline garcia garcia who was also champion in one last week defeated the romanian six four seven six in the beijing final the frenchwoman will now move into the top ten for the first time in her career while how it will officially take over after top when the new rankings are released on. to major league baseball now where the washington nationals have come back to beat defending world series champions the chicago cubs their series is now tied at one game apiece tatiana sanchez reports. things were looking bleak to washington in their home stadium on saturday somewhat similar to game one where they failed to score the most of the games the hosts child they were down three would run up until the eighth inning and it's really.
12:53 am
good sounds whether food chains changed the. twenty four year old bryce harper head to the impressive and crucial. two run homer to tie the game away were ryan zimmerman looks to have bounced back from an injury plagued twenty six was excused added a three run home run moments later to lift the national to a six three comeback victory against the well there is champion the series of now tied at one one. we lost a game they beat us we go home at one and one and we had king time to and then jay coming up not bad really interesting series well played on both sides and i cannot be happier than i am with our guys right now. over in los angeles the dodgers hosted the arizona diamondbacks but last sunday it's got off to a sluggish start to think the data that they had was
12:54 am
a result of took the lead up until the fourth inning when the dodgers begun to make that comeback. they overturned the deficits leap to game seven two in the fifth inning and we're going to win it five of these now hold a two nothing lead in the back to five national league division series everyone on our team contributed tonight. austin barnes a couple big hits and just the quality of the bat you look at the fifth inning that we put on those guys and stressed and logan big and bad you know ya see us continue to shine these first two games and all up and down the line up but tonight it was a bottom part of the order that really picked us up big time tonight and they are now on the brink of advancing to the national league championship series the second straight season tatyana come to do their. u.s.
12:55 am
vice president mike pence walked out of an n.f.l. game after some players now during the national anthem prince was in his home state of indiana to watch the colts play the forty nine when several san francisco players took a knee he later tweeted i left today's course game because president champ and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers our flag or our national anthem and that's all your support for now more later. thanks so much now italy's ancient monuments have survived centuries of earthquakes floods and looting but all that damage has come at a cost now though the italian government has turned to the country's high end fashion houses to fund the restoration of rains iconic buildings the coliseum is the latest landmark to receive such help but not everybody is happy with haute couture becoming a benefactor of the barco reports from rome. it's a steep climb to the top of the colosseum commissioned by the emperor of
12:56 am
a speccy and in the years seventy two for the past forty years the fourth and fifth levels have been locked away from view until now welcome to the ancient cheap seats that probably wouldn't offer the best view of the regular bloodbath down below but they do offer a sensational view of the city. the opening of the upper levels is the result of a four year epic restoration project the outside's also been strengthened and spray clean to remove generations of grime the cost a colossal thirty million dollars and there's still more work to do the sheer scale of rome's archaeological heritage poses a huge financial burden for the city and for the country the vast costs involved frequently exceed state budgets. ticket sales help but revenues don't go far enough that's where high end italian fashion comes to the rescue the coliseums renovation
12:57 am
was largely paid for by the billionaire owner of todd's luxury footwear company. in follows a three million dollars renovation of one of rome's main tourist attractions the trevi fountain paid for by clothes company fendi. on the spanish steps restored last year with more than a million dollars from jewelry designer bulgari when we had to celebrate our one hundred thirty three we wanted to create something really special for disney birthrate and that's why we thought to pay tribute to the sea today welcomed our our founder and also created so much richness in our creativity the financial helps launch the welcome but it's of these cash strapped government but there are some concerns about big attalia and companies using their renovations as a branding exercise. there's a real risk of commercializing ancient monuments but the brands we chose last year
12:58 am
were chosen carefully we haven't seen any signs of company to be using their patronage. italians are intensely proud of their rich cultural heritage but preserving it comes at a huge cost that for now only italy's big businesses are able to cover these barca al-jazeera grow. from this news out join us again then a couple of minutes time.
12:59 am
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for tat suspension suspensions of diplomatic services between the united states and turkey as relations between the two countries reach a new low.


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